Key Highlights

  • Understanding Cash Flow in Ecommerce
  • Packaging and Labelling for Ecommerce Business
  • Selling Manufactured Products
  • Selling Information Online
  • Affiliate Network for Ecommerce Sales
  • Payment Gateway Solution for Ecommerce Sites
  • Shopping Cart Solution for your Ecommerce Store
  • Inventory Management for your Ecommerce Store
  • Ecommerce Logistics
  • Ecommerce Order Fulfilment

Master's in E-Commerce Operations Management
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What You Will Learn

In this module, IIEC will teach you E-Commerce Cashflow Management, Power of Affiliates, Selling Information, Payment Gateways, Shopping Cart Solutions, inventory Management, Logistics.
  • Power Of Affiliate Networks For E-Commerce Sales
    Power Of Affiliate Networks For E-Commerce Sales
    How Affiliate Programs Work
    How to Make a Lucrative Affiliate Program
    Terminologies Used in Affiliate Programs
    Finding Affiliate Programs
    Signing Up with Affiliate Networks
    How to Choose the Best Affiliate Network for Your Online Business
    Staying Away from Online Scams & Illegal Ecommerce Models
  • How to Sell Information Online
    Creating an Information Product that Sells
    Researching Information Online
    Putting All Your Ideas in One Place
    How to Create Ebooks as Information Product
    Distribution Ebooks Online
    How to Create a Webinar Series
    How to Find Audiences for Your Webinar
  • Payment Gateway Solution For Your E-Commerce Site
    Accepting Credit Card for Ecommerce Transactions
    Getting a Secure Merchant Account
    Payment Gateway Options
    Cost of Payment Gateways
    Other Payment Processing Systems
    Fraud Detection & Safeguarding Your Online Transactions
    Accepting Credit Card Payments
    Offering Alternative Payment Options
    Managing the Payment Process
  • Shopping Cart Solution For Your Ecommerce Store
    All Carts are Different
    Backend Management of a Shopping Cart
    Features for Customer in a Shopping Cart
    Integrating Shopping Cart to Turn a Website into an Ecommerce
    Promotion & Marketing using a Shopping Cart
    Best Hosted Shopping Cart Solution
    Shopping Carts
    Best Hosted Solution
    Finding Off-the-Shelf Software
  • Inventory Management for Your Ecommerce Store
    Researching The Best Sellers & Trendy Products for Your Ecommerce Store
    How to Choose the Best Selling Products for Your Ecommerce Store
    Combining All The Research that You Have Done
    Pricing Strategies for Ecommerce Products
    How to Build Inventory for Your Ecommerce Store
    Becoming a Low Price Stocking Leader
    Trail & Error Inventory Management Startegy
    Being a Product Specialist with Limited Inventory
    Finding Out What’s Popular By Using eBay
    Putting all your research together
    Building Your Inventory
  • Ecommerce Logistics & Order Fulfillment
    Setting Up Logistics of Shipping DETAILS
    In-House Order Fulfillment Process Development DETAILS
    Outsourcing the Fulfillment Process DETAILS
    Finding Fulfillment Partners DETAILS
    Developing Profitable Relationships with Outsourced Logistic Agency DETAILS
    Ecommerce Operations Management with a Fulfillment Agency DETAILS
    Quality Check of Fulfillment Process DETAILS
    Shipping & Handling DETAILS
    Choice of Shipping Options to Your Customers During Checkout DETAILS
    Signing Up With Shipping Companies DETAILS
    Packaging & Labelling Products DETAILS
    How to Ship International Orders DETAILS
    E-Commerce Logistics Backend Management
    How to Track Inventory for an Ecommerce Store DETAILS
    Organising Your Ecommerce Store Warehouse DETAILS
    How To Feed Orders Information Before Delivery DETAILS
    Logistics of Shipping
    Developing In-house fulfilment model
    Outsourcing Your Fulfilment
    Shipping Out
    Bankend Management
  • Assignment
    Case Study
  • Certification exam



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Meet Your Instructor

Dr.Sumit Pareek, Chairman - Indian Institute of e-commerce Partner - Amazon India, Ex-Alibaba Global Executive, Director - INTTCO (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.

Dr.Sumit Pareek is the Co-founder & Chairman of the Indian Institute of Ecommerce an E-Commerce business Incubator for Foreign startups and E-Commerce companies who want to access the Indian market or want to source products from India and sell globally via retail E-Commerce

He is a business mentor for e-commerce sellers to help them grow their sales in local and global e-commerce marketplaces through his instructor-led live business mentorship sessions.

Sumit has 15 years of rich experience in e-commerce industry has worked with over a hundred plus e-commerce sellers and has collectively generated $3 billion worth of revenue, Mr.Sumit’s experience in entrepreneurship and economic development has gained him numerous awards including ‘Young Entrepreneurship Award in 2013” by Rajasthan state government.



Master's in E-Commerce Operations Management

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Master's in E-Commerce Operations Management

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