Prof.Sumit Pareek, Chairman - Indian Institute of e-commerce Partner - Amazon India, Ex-Alibaba Global Executive, Director - INTTCO (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.

Sumit Pareek is the Co-founder & Chairman of the Indian Institute of Ecommerce an E-Commerce business Incubator for Foreign startups and E-Commerce companies who want to access the Indian market or want to source products from India and sell globally via retail E-Commerce

He is a business mentor for e-commerce sellers to help them grow their sales in local and global e-commerce marketplaces through his instructor-led live business mentorship sessions.

Sumit has 15 years of rich experience in e-commerce industry has worked with over a hundred plus e-commerce sellers and has collectively generated $3 billion worth of revenue, Mr.Sumit’s experience in entrepreneurship and economic development has gained him numerous awards including ‘Young Entrepreneurship Award in 2013” by Rajasthan state government.


sumit pareek

Dr.Sumit Pareek Designation:- Chairman - Indian Institute of Ecommerce Program Director - Amazon ATES, India. Ex-Global Partner - Alibaba Group, China. Ex-WTO Jury - public Forum, Switzerland.

Program Director: Certified Ecommerce Professional®: A globally recognised and registered Professional Certification for E-Commerce industry. Over 6000 working professionals and entrepreneurs have enrolled into CEP certification since 2015

Partner - Amazon India since 2016, onboarded 1 Lakh+ sellers into amazon India by onboarding consultants network for amazon called ATES.

Global Partner - Alibaba Group China: Created a Certification as a joint intellectual property with to onboard 1 million Global Trade Professionals under the Global Ecommerce Talent initiative. [GET] by alibaba since 2015

Program Partner: TISS Tata Institute of Social Sciences - Training to 50500 students in partnership with NUSSD ( National University Sector Skill Development )

Incubated 136+ E-Commerce startup.

Karigar program with Directorate General of Handicraft, GoI. GST council India and WTC to help 1000+ artisans to sell online through Amazon, flipkart

Built a dedicated Ecommerce store for Indian handicraft artisans in Partnerhsip with DC Handcraft. More:

Jury/panellist at WTO, World Trade Organisation, Geneva, Switzerland public forum 2016

Bachelor’s BioTechnology ( B.Sc )
Masters International Business ( MIB )
Fellow Programme Management (FPM)

Chandra Mohan Pareek

Mr. Chandra Mohan Pareek Professor
Designation:- Director - Indian Institute of E-Commerce

Partner - Amazon India, Ex-Alibaba Global Executive, Director - INTTCO (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.

Mr Chandra Mohan is the Investor, Mentor & Chairman of the Indian Institute of Ecommerce an E-Commerce business Incubator

Mr.Chandra Mohan has 40+ years of experience in finance, accounting and cash management. He started his career in the Northeast India in the industry and has done Bina serial entrepreneur with experience in stationery, grocery business management, Wholesale tea business, managing departmental stores to handling finance of a stock market listed Corporation. He has been a visionary and always wanted to do something as an educationist and transform lives of people by mentioning and constantly motivating the core team members of IIEC to create a sustainable business.

Mubarik Khan pic

Mubarik Khan Designation:- CTO & Program Coordinator

Mubarik Khan is a full stack developer and a visual designer who can bring ideas into reality. Hi has core understanding of various saas and web technologies has helped IIEC reach into today's E learning portal he has designed or 1500+ program pages for the international markets in about 200+ programme pages for Indian market he takes care of the landing pages, marketing automation, APIs, analytics, core EdTech operations for the e-learning portal and its subsidiaries.

sachi singh

Shruti Designation:- Program Director

Ms. Shruti is an inspirational individual focusiang on "E-COMMERCE" in emerging countries like India by leveraging advanced technologies/ experiences in developed countries like US and UK and heading the Indian Institute of e-commerce to create high-quality workforce for the e-commerce start-ups.


Bhoopesh Bhondle Designation:- Strategic Director

Bhoopesh Bhondle is an educationist and strategic director for Indian Institute of e-commerce has got many schools of his own can be an internationally recognised as one of the best in class education promoter and literacy programme designers to uplift the rural youth by education. He has been instrument for development of Minnie MoUs with top institutions and government bodies for Indian Institute of e-commerce.


Aparna Ghag Designation:- Program Director

Aparna Ghag has got a wide area of experience in the school education and she understands the psychology of a student from the level where most of the high vegetation institution founders fail to understand. She has exceptional program package development capabilities and has been the best guide for the strategy and direction of Indian Institute of e-commerce.

shikha Jain

Shikha Jain Designation:- Admission Counselor

Shikha Jain takes care of admissions of IIEC Certified E-Commerce Professional program and B2B onboarding of corporate's as well as non-profit organizations with Indian Institute of e-commerce certification as well as postgraduate programmes. She also mentors the master franchises of Indian Institute of e-commerce on their business development, sales operations et cetera.


Rajbir Bhamra Designation:- Business Development Executive

Rajbir Bhamra is the founder of, A B2B e-commerce brand for handcrafted products crafted in India. She has been assisting the business development of Indian Institute of E-Commerce and also has created a program in partnership with which is called Alibaba's global trade professional. She also gives counseling and mentorship to students and entrepreneurs looking to build a successful career in e-commerce industry. In a very short span of time Rajbir has been able to create remarkable journey in the e-commerce space with in-depth practical understanding of various tools and techniques which are used in e-commerce companies.


Akhilesh Susarla Designation:- International Partner Development

Akhilesh Susarla has been actively involved in international partner development for Indian Institute of E-Commerce and also holds rights of a domain called Where we promote IIEC certification programmes in addition to that, Akhilesh is also a Qualified Risk Professional with experience in Credit, Operational Risk & Compliance.

Sasi Mrudula

Sasi Mrudula Pendyala Designation:- Program Director

Experienced professional with a demonstrated history of working in the consulting industry.Fast Learner , Highly Dedicated towards work, Fair Knowledge on client interaction, process improvements. Monitoring overall functioning of processes, identifying improvement areas by identifying issues,delays and quality problems and implementing adequate measures to ensure smooth transition from current to future business state.

Bhanu Pratap

Bhanu Pratap Designation:- Partner Development Executive

Bhanu Pratap is currently employed with our partner development team he works extensively with the day today business operations helps our franchise partners to understand more about the brand and solve their issues during the pre-on boarding and onboarding process.

Sukant Mohata

SUKANT MOHATA Designation:- Program Director

Sukant Mohata is by profession a textile industry expert and has been contributing his knowledge and strategies about various business techniques that can be used by IIEC entrepreneurs as well as for IIEC partner development. He has created channel partners across India has been active in terms of business development and assisting the franchises and channel partners on their sales operations and growth

sumit pareek

Sumit Pareek
Designation:- Social Media Influencer

Assistant to chairman

Sumit Pareek is the brand ambassador and e-commerce influencer for IIEC and Program partner for Amazon India with experience in product advertisement, marketing, promoting products online in social media and running successful campaigns.

He has created 1000+ video ads And is active in e-commerce start-up mentorship. building and growing start-ups into million dollar brand.

Chandan Sinha

Chandan Sinha Designation:- Program Director

Chandan Sinha is taking care as the business development manager and program director for Indian Institute of e-commerce from Patna region his responsibilities are to engage a minimum of 50,000 students to join the IIEC Sales certification as well as post graduate programmes in next five years.

Shankar Homkar

SHANKAR TUKARAM HOMKAR Designation:- Program Director

Shankar Tukaram Homkar The program director for Indian Institute of E-Commerce, has got decades of experience in the business development for top brands such as Aptech in the past now working on engaging as many entrepreneurs as part of Indian Institute of e-commerce from Thane-Mumbai Maharashtra region. He is a brilliant sales professional and has got hundreds of executable ideas. Shankar Ji not just gives the right information about the business opportunity but also mentors them carefully for a long-term success of IIEC's clients.

Himanshoo Patel

Himanshoo Patel Designation:- Program Director

Himanshoo has got deep understanding of the network marketing industry and he also understands the various type of schemes that network marketing industry plays around which is not helping in any way the development of our country so he decided to join Indian Institute of e-commerce in order to get everyone whom he nurture struggling in the network marketing industry and get them on boarded with Indian Institute of e-commerce as business development executive and provide them regular jobs and regular traditional business where they can have a sustainable income well there are thousands of students struggling in the rural part of Uttar Pradesh only for getting a government job, Himanshoo's mission is to create 10000 entrepreneurs with Indian Institute of Ecommerce in the next 20 years who can self sustain the economy of Uttar Pradesh

sandip saroj

Sandip Saroj Designation:- Program Director

Sandip Saroj by profession is an agricultural entrepreneur who has been active in the Indian e-commerce education space with his cost cutting formula which has helped us to create strategy for rural India development by education. He is a mentor advisor for the agricultural Ecommerce Post graduate program.

Vinayak TK

Vinayaka TK Designation:- Program Director(Germany Operations)

Vinayaka Krishnamurthy is taking care of IIEC's Germany operations and has a vision to expand IIEC in the entire european market by helping Indian companies to export their products as well as engage the foreign entrepreneurs to sell their goods in Indian market we have actively been promoting where is courses designed specially for the foreign entrepreneurs Under a trade name called


Srikanth P Designation:- Program Partner

Srikanth has over 20 years of experience in computer education and has taken a mission to train 100,000+ students from his native place Tumkur and entire Karnataka by engaging universities and colleges locally to uplift their e-commerce literacy in partnership with Indian Institute of e-commerce.

Shiva Sanket

Shiva Shanket Designation:- Program Director

Shiva Sanket is from Hyderabad and he is focusing mainly on admitting as many students into the postgraduate programme by Indian Institute of E-Commerce. He is a visionary entrepreneur and has decided to not just educate but also mentor them about the e-commerce business so they can work either as freelancers or start-ups or even become job ready with e-commerce companies

Bimal Kumar

Bimal kumar Designation:- Program Director

Bimal Kumar Migrated from the north of Uttar Pradesh to a naxal affected Jharkhand just to educate people. He is a visionary educationist from Simdega Block. He is consistently putting his effort to create digital literacy and awareness locally by educating youngsters who are struggling with dire poverty, Naxalism and high rate of unemployment. He has taken oath to train at least 1000 students and make them employable every year with Indian Institute of e-commerce which can help his locality's economical conditions.

Vishal kumar

Vishal Kumar Designation:- Business Development Executive

Vishal Kumar is the Business Development Executive working with IIEC’s Patna Office. His responsibility is to give course demos to students, engage universities, colleges, and corporate computer training institutions across Patna district.

Nikita Gupta

Nikita Gupta Designation:- Admission Officer

Nikita Gupta is the admission officer at Indian Institute of e-commerce. She does the counseling about the various e-commerce Digital Marketing and online sales courses created by IIEC to its students and evaluate whether the student is a fit or not for IIEC certification program

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