About the Program

Become Industry Ready with Job Assistance

Job Assistance

With a salary upto ₹ 24 LPA**, after the successful completion of program.

Performance Driven Internship*

One of a kind currciculum with Hands-On Experience and Internships.

Personalised Student Mentorship

Dedicated Student Mentor, Discussion Forums and Strong Peer Network and personalised feedback on assignments.

Program fee starts at
Become a Post Graduate
in E-Commerce Export (Digital Marketing & Sales)
Earn salary
Upto ₹24 LPA** + incentives
post successful program completion

Program Overview

Key Highlights

  • Job Assistance* of upto ₹24 lacs per annum** after course completion
  • 17 Industry Certifications including top digital brands
  • 200+ hours of online learning
  • Practical Cases & Projects with Dedicated Student Success Mentor
  • Practical assignments and real-time practical projects
  • Interaction with digital marketing experts and peers
  • full time Internship
  • Online Course with virtual support

"PGP in E-Commerce Export (Digital Marketing & Sales) at IIEC is a digital sales campaign management training program. Getting a job is based on the students digital sales performance ."

- Sumit Pareek,
Chairman- Indian Institute of E-Commerce

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    Last Date Admission Status Batch Timings
    Feb 24th Closed On-demand Sessions 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM IST
    Feb 24 2024 Closing Soon On-demand Sessions 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM IST

    Note: students are requested to do tasks as given in the program in order to become job-ready.

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    Course Details

    • What you'll learn

      1. Certified Digital Marketing Professional

      2. Certified Marketing Automation Expert

      3. Certified Growth Hacking Expert

      4. Certified SEO Strategy Professional

      5. Certified Social Media Professional

      6. Certified Content Development Expert

      7. Certified Content Marketing Professional

      8. Certified Affiliate Marketing Professional

    • Program Background:

      The is a flagship certification program of Indian Institute of E-Commerce and it was launched in the year 2015. IIEC has trained and certified over 15,000 students so far. Digital sales executives are a need of the time in the business world post covid-19 the demand of PGP in E-Commerce Export (Digital Marketing & Sales) has increased and we are estimating that over 100000 Digital Sales Professionals will be required to manage small and medium sized businesses in India alone. The program is 100% online and the jobs are also virtual/work from home as the e-commerce and edtech startups willing to hire our students are based online.

    • Certifications

      The PGP in E-Commerce Export (Digital Marketing & Sales) is a 12 months online certification program, and the students learn 8 different certification programs, the student needs to successfully get certified, this is just 200+ hours of on-demand video lecture so the students gets to know the fundamentals of the digital marketing.

    • Assignments

      Milestone and performance driven skill set development in a highly practical environment. Here the student is given the opportunity to work on practical assignments to gain hands-on practical knowledge managing IIEC’s digital platforms for better understanding of various social and search channels to become efficient with the digital technologies, the assignments are fun and entertaining yet challenging for some as it is a performance-based task. We expect the student to achieve milestones and desired results.

    • Practical Projects

      Once the student has successfully learned the practical skills during the assignment then he is given the opportunity to access the practical digital marketing projects. Every student works on Digital sales campaign management and the student's primary task is to generate traffic, leads, and sales online which can either be a physical goods or digital goods.

    • Internship

      During internship, the student will be working on lead generation, lead nurturing, and leads closure. The student will be required to even make cold calls and convert them into paying customers. The students will be responsible to create various formats of contents such as audio content, visual contents such as banners and text contents such as blogs, manage social media channels, search engine optimization, keyword optimization, lead generation, traffic generation, sales etc for an EduTech startup that is IIEC itself or with any of the IIEC's incubated startups.

    • Placements:

      Post successful completion of all the above steps, the students will be given the opportunity to work for startups incubated by IIEC. Once they have gained satisfactory results the students will be granted access to the IIEC's job board where they can prepare for interviews, get help in resume development and apply for the jobs online while IIEC's placement team will be assisting the students but IIEC doesn't guarantee that the student will be placed in company with so and so salary because placement is purely depends on students skills.

    • 1:1 Support

      The program is purely online and highly practical students will be given ongoing support on digital marketing tools and practical learning experience throughout the journey with an online mentor who will be available on phone call, WhatsApp, e-mail, zoom video call, or any channel so they can evaluate the student performance and continue to guide the student to make them successful. The student is required to follow up with their mentor and get consistent support

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    Join our PGP in E-Commerce Export (Digital Marketing & Sales) Program today!.


      Best-in-class content by leading faculty and industry leaders in the form of videos, cases and projects, assignments and live sessions
      • 01: Fundamentals of E-commerce
        • 5-6 Hours
        • 1 Assignments
        Learning Objective: Learn the framework and become organised. in E-Commerce management. Start your E-Commerce journey with us and become job ready.
        Introduction to E-Commerce
        Online Shopping Process
        Starting Your Own E-Commerce Store
        Profitable Product Selection
        Analyse E-Commerce Market Opportunity
        Target Customer Identification
        Pricing Your Products
        E-Commerce Idea Validation & Brand Positioning
      • 02: E-Commerce Web Developer
        • 5-6 Hours
        • 1 Assignment
        Learning Objective: Learn to build the frontend of an e-Commerce store from scratch all with your imagination without using coding or technical work with ongoing support from IIEC
        Choosing a Domain Name
        Understanding Site Design
        Low Cost Web Development
        Best Hosting Service
        Creating Search Engine Friendly Contents
        Publishing Your E-Commerce Webstore Online
      • 03: E-Commerce Operations Manager
        • 5-6 Hours
        • 1 Assignment
        Learning Objective: In this module, IIEC will teach you E-Commerce Cashflow Management, Power of Affiliates, Selling Information, Payment Gateways, Shopping Cart Solutions, inventory Management, Logistics.
        Understanding Cash Flow in E-Commerce
        Power of Affiliate Networks For E-Commerce Sales
        How to Sell Information Online
        Scrum Foundations (5 Scrum Values)
        Payment Gateways
        Shopping Cart Solution
        Inventory Management
        E-Commerce Logistics & Order Fulfillment
      • 04: E-Commerce Law Professional
        • 5-6 Hours
        • 1 Assignment
        Learning Objective: This module teaches you how to incorporate a business, the laws and also the Intellectual Property Rights such as Copyright, Trademark & Patents to protect an E-Commerce Business model.
        Business Laws
        Types of Business Incorporations
        Intellectual Property Rights Of Your E-Commerce Business
        E-Commerce Business Taxation
      • 05: Dropshipping Expert
        • 5-6 Hours
        • 1 Assignment
        Learning Objective: Learn why Dropshipping can be a profitable and exciting area for first-time entrepreneurs looking for a business to start.
        Introduction to Dropshipping
        Supply Chain & Fulfillment Process
        Finding Suppliers & Wholesalers
        Profitable Product Selection
        Analysing Data Trends
        Dropshipping on Various E-Commerce Marketplaces
        Inventory Management & Order Fulfillment
        National & International Shipping
      • 06: E-Commerce & Global Trade Professional
        • 5-6 Hours
        • 1 Assignment
        Learning Objective: Learn to sell products in wholesale ( B2B ) globally and get a Professional Certification in “E-Commerce & Global Trade” from Indian Institute of E-Commerce and inttco Singapore ( B2B Global Trade Company).
        Introduction to International Trade
        Understanding Cross Border E-Commerce
        International Trade Process
        Documentation Required for International Trade
        Custom Clearance Procedure
        Banking & Payment Mechanism
        Shipping & Logistics
        International Market Analysis
      • 07: E-Commerce Security Manager
        • 5-6 Hours
        • 1 Assignment
        Learning Objective: Learn about the top E-Commerce Store's Security & customer Frauds, developing E-Commerce security planning, making the store hack proof and more
        Introduction to E-Commerce Security Management
        E-Commerce Store Security & Customer Frauds
        E-Commerce Information Security Planning
        Making Your E-Commerce Store Hack Proof
      • 08: Retail E-Commerce Executive
        • 5-6 Hours
        • 1 Assignment
        Learning Objective: Learn how to make a Retail Store Cashier less, Learn major design trends and techniques used by successful retailers around the world - techniques that they can implement themselves to improve shopper experience in their own stores.
        Introduction to Digital TransformationIntroduction to Digital Transformation
        Online Business Platforms
        Entering From Retail to Online
        E-Commerce Marketplaces
        Selling on Social Media Network
        Optimising Product Page
        Retail to Online Store’s User Experience
      • 09: GST for E-Commerce
        • 5-6 Hours
        • 1 Assignment
        Learning Objective: Learn the Recent Update on GST and The Impact of GST on E-Commerce Businesses, Get thorough understanding of the GST tax regime and will be "GST Ready" for the coming future
        Agile ManifestoIntroduction to GST for E-Commerce
        Problems before GST
        Features of GST
        Register for GST
        Filing GST Returns
        Claiming GST Credit
      • 10: Digital Marketing Professional
        • 5-6 Hours
        • 1 Assignments
        Learning Objective: Practically understand Digital Marketing Strategies, learn to focus on every step of your customer, thinking like a CEO, Story Telling, Digital Marketing Tools.
        Fundamentals of Digital Marketing
        Understanding Customer Persona
        Developing Digital Marketing Framework
        Digital Brand Awareness
        Digital Marketing Tools used in E-Commerce
        Keeping Your Company in E-Commerce Trend
      • 11: Marketing Automation Expert
        • 5-6 Hours
        • 1 Assignment
        Learning Objective: Learn how marketing automation transforms email marketing to support multichannel marketing campaigns and increase lead generation and conversion.
        Automation Bots for your E-Commerce Marketing Strategy
        Automating Interaction with your Website Visitors
        Automating Marketing Research
        Automating Lead Nurturing
        User Experience Automation
        Automating Social Media Messaging
        Automating Team Management
        Automating Sales of your Products
      • 12: Growth Hacking Expert
        • 5-6 Hours
        • 1 Assignment
        Learning Objective: Learn what strategies make Uber, Airbnb and top e-commerce startups an billion dollar business. Learn the marketing hacks and growth secrets today.
        Introduction to Growth Hacking
        Understanding the profile of a growth hacker
        The Growth Hacking Process
        The Growth Hacker Funnel
        Push & Pull Tactics in Growth Hacking
        Product Tactics for Getting Visitors
        How to Retain Users
        Tools & Terminology in Growth Hacking
      • 13: SEO Strategy Professional
        • 5-6 Hours
        • 1 Assignment
        Learning Objective: Get the best-in class hands-on practice on all the industry-related SEO tools and applications to get Product Pages to Rank #1 on Google, Learn SEO that works for E-Commerce Stores.
        Introduction to Search Engine Optimization
        On-page & Off-page SEO
        Blackhat SEO Vs White Hat SEO
        Keyword Research & Link Building
        How Google Ranks Content
        Indexation & Accessibility
        Site Speed & Performance
        SEO Tools
      • 14: Social Media Professional
        • 5-6 Hours
        • 1 Assignment
        Learning Objective: Understand the basics of Youtube, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram and blogging.Use social media not just for marketing, but for customer services & PR.
        Introduction to Social Media
        Social Media Best Practices
        Social Media Metrics & ROI
        Finding the Right Social Media Network
        Facebook & Twitter Marketing
        Google + & Linkedin Marketing
        Youtube & Pinterest Marketing
        E-Commerce Idea Validation & Brand Positioning
      • 15: Content Development Expert
        • 5-6 Hours
        • 1 Assignment
        Learning Objective: Learn to develop over 42 different types of Audio, Visual & Text contents that can help your products to get sold online. Get Tools & Software to Practice content development.
        Introduction to Content Development
        Content Development in Pinterest
        Content Development in Linkedin
        Content Development in Twitter
        Content Development in Facebook
        Creating Customer Targeted Content Development
        Creating Inbound Public Reations Content
      • 16: Content Marketing Professional
        • 5-6 Hours
        • 1 Assignment
        Learning Objective: Learn the top Web content development by researching, writing, gathering, organizing, and editing information for publication on websites.
        Creating Compelling Marketing Content
        Creating an Effective Content Marketing Strategy
        Creating Appropriate Content Guidelines
        Identifying Promotional Opportunities
        Content for Different Audience Segment
        Promoting Content Through Different Channels
        Finding Industry Influencers
      • 17: Affiliate Marketing Professional
        • 5-6 Hours
        • 1 Assignment
        Learning Objective: Learn how creating affiliates around you can provide a steady stream of income for your E-Commerce store. Learn different of CPA, CPC, CPM & CPV campaigns for an effective affiliate marketing.
        Introduction to Affiliate Marketing
        Affiliate Marketing Strategies
        Affiliate Marketing Paradigmss
        Effective Promotional Strategies
        Analyse E-Commerce Market Opportunity
        Choosing the Best Affiliate Niche
        Pros & Cons of Major Affiiiate Sites
        Affiliate Marketing Resources
      • 18: Examination: PGP in E-Commerce Export (Digital Marketing & Sales)
        • 120 Minutes
        • 100 MCQ
      • 2
        Years Program
      • 17
        Online Certifications
      • 200+
        Online Learning
      • 1
        Digital Degree
      • 5.4
        Lacs Average Salary

      Skills Covered

      • Search Engine Optimization
      • Keyword Management and Research
      • Sales & Communication
      • Lead Generation & Nurturing
      • Traffic Generation
      • Online Reputation Management
      • Content Marketing
      • Website Management and Optimization
      • Marketing Automation
      • Direct Marketing
      • PPC / Paid Ad strategy
      • Web Analytics
      • Customer Acquisition
      • Blogging
      • High Ticket Closures
      • Social Media Strategy


      Facebook Ads Google Ads Google Tag Manager Google Keyword Planner Google Analytics Google Data Studio Bing Ads Mangager Youtube Advertising YouTube Analytics MAJESTIC MOZ semrush SpyFu Buffer Hootsuite Social Studio Facebook Insights QlikView Google Trends uber suggest Feng-GUI hitwise SimilarWeb Google Ads Manager LinkedIn Ads Twitter Ads Raven SE Ranking Facebook Instagram LinkedIn Twitter YouTube
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        Online Exam

        Complete the PGP in E-Commerce Export (Digital Marketing & Sales) program successfully to obtain the India's most respectful certification and skills with Indian Institute of E-Commerce.

        • Get over 17 Certification and PGP in E-Commerce Export (Digital Marketing & Sales)
        • Join the best online startups post certification
        • Be eligible for grow upto CXO for an online startup
        PGP Certificate - IIEC
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        Hiring partners
        LPA Highest Salary
        Job Levels
        Year Program
        Course Completion
        Includes 12 months of performance based video lectures and practical program
        Milestone Achievement
        Learn and achieve results for traffic, leads and sales.
        The above placements statistics are based on the online market trend where the student get salaries and designation based on their skills and performance in digital marketing
        Job Promotion
        7 levels of Job from "Digital Sales Executive" to "Digital Sales CEO".

        Enroll Online

        Last Date Admission Status Batch Timings
        JAN 20th Closed On-demand Sessions 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM IST
        Feb 24th Closing Soon On-demand Sessions 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM IST

        Note: students are requested to do tasks as given in the program in order to become job-ready.

        Fee Starts at

        ₹1,18,000 ₹4,50,000

        The IIEC - Advantage

        Strong hand-holding with dedicated support for 12 months and master your digital marketing skills

        Industry Mentors
        • Receive unparalleled guidance from industry mentors, teaching assistants and graders
        • Receive one-on-one feedback on submissions and personalised feedback on improvement
        Student Success Mentors
        • A dedicated Success Mentors is allocated to each student so as to ensure consistent progress
        • Success Mentors are your single points of contact for all your non-academic queries
        Full-Time Remote Job
        • Interact with Indian Institute of E-Commerce Live Mentors and understand the startup environment
        Selling Practice
        • Practically work on various digital sales activities and give results to the startups in a simulated environment
        Earn Stipend
        • Earn upto ₹10,000** per month during the internship program while you work on practical digital sales activities
        12 months Milestone Plan
        • Certification, assignments, practical projects, internship where you perform for the digital sales activites for the client startups and achieve results in order to become job ready
        Perform with targets
        • From client to client once you join the program the targets will be given to you, some clients may ask for lead generation online, some clients may ask for direct conversion of customers using traffic generation and various other activities. Once you are able to achieve those results based on the clients hiring criteria you will be able to fit yourself in the job market with good salaries.
        Earn Salary
        • There are thousands of business struggling in digital marketing and online selling you can be one of the best consultant for them as a PGP in Digital & Sales Marketing by Indian Institute of E-Commerce and can work with local as well as international startups.


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          The easiest way to learn about ecommerce website design.

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