About the Program

Become Industry Ready with 100% Job-Guarantee*

100% Job-Guarantee*

With a salary Upto ₹7-8 LPA**, after the successful completion of program.

Performance Driven Internship*

One of a kind currciculum with Hands-On Experience and Internships.

Personalised Student Mentorship

Dedicated Student Mentor, Discussion Forums and Strong Peer Network and personalised feedback on assignments.

Get R.O.I. - Return on Investment (between 3x-12x) on the program fees

Program fee
₹1,50,000 plus GST
Become a Masters
in EduTech
Earn stipend upto
during Internship
Earn salary
Upto ₹7-8 LPA** incl. incentives
post successful program completion

Program Overview

Key Highlights

  • 100% Job-Guarantee* of Upto ₹7-8 lacs per annum** after course completion
  • Full-time course 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday to Saturday
  • Online learning
  • Includes digital marekting for lead generation, webinar engagement, e-mailing, WhatsApp and SMS.
  • Practical assignments and projects
  • Cold calling to the students to sell online courses.
  • Internship
  • Online Course with virtual support

"EduTech is the 2nd highest funded startup business after e-commerce. PGP in Sales & Marketing by IIEC will give you power to become a leader in education technology domain. For the next 11 months you will be closely working on business development followed by a full-time job post course completion."

- Sumit Pareek,
Chairman- Indian Institute of E-Commerce

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Last Date Admission Status Batch Timings
Jan 17th Closed Practical Work 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM IST
Feb 10th Closing Soon Practical Work 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM IST

Note: students are requested to do tasks (lead generation, lead nurturing, lead closure) for EduTech products as given in the program in order to become job-ready.

Course Price at

₹1,50,000 plus GST

Admissions Closed

Course Details

  • What you'll learn

    1. Certified Sales Professional

    2. Certified Digital Marketing Professional

    3. Certified Marketing Automation Expert

    4. Certified Growth Hacking Expert

    5. Certified SEO Strategy Professional

    6. Certified Social Media Professional

    7. Certified Content Development Expert

    8. Certified Content Marketing Professional

    9. Certified Affiliate Marketing Professional

  • Program Background:

    There are thousands of EduTech brands, some prominent brands such as Byju's, Unacademy, Upgrad, Classplus, Edx, Courseara, Udemy, Simplilearn they hire Business Development Executives to build and grow their EduTech Brands and they are paying an average of ₹7-8 Lacs salary per annum. The program PGP in Sales & Marketing by Indian Institute of E-Commerce gives a job guarantee post completion of program with an average salary of ₹7-8 Lacs but in case the student doesn't get a job the course fee will be fully refunded back, during the course the students will be working with IIEC it-self since we are also an EduTech brand and the best we can teach you is always on our own brand, you will be working full-time during this course to develop the business of IIEC and IIEC will also be able to get benefited with your efforts while IIEC will give you stipend on sales, this is a 100% online program and the jobs in future will also be virtual work from home as the EduTech complanies are willing to hire our students online. Post completion of the program you will be given opportunity to work as Business Development Executive, Business Development Manger, Sales Manager, Regional sales manager or even the director of the Sales for Edutech companies.

  • Step 1: Certifications

    The PGP in Sales & Marketing is a 11 month online certification program, and the students learn how to sell and EduTech product to the prospective learners online and also engage various partners, stakeholder such as universities, Corporates, NGO's etc to become part of the EduTech product which will lead to a successful sale of the oline course that the EduTech company wants to promote, you are requsted to work on this project for an average of 7-8 hours daily to understand the fundamentals of the EduTech industry.

  • Step 2: Assignments

    Milestone and performance driven skill set development in a highly practical environment. Here the student is given the opportunity to work on practical assignments to gain hands-on practical knowledge managing IIEC’s digital programs for better understanding of various social and search channels to become efficient with the technologies, the assignments are fun and entertaining yet challenging for some as it is a performance-based task. In the 4 week assignment we expect the student to master the digital marketing activities for lead generation, traffic generation which should be in the form of webinar engagement and lead generatio forms filled in the webpages.

  • Step 3: Practical Projects

    Once the student has successfully learnt the practical skills during the assignment then he is given the opportunity to access the practical projects program. Every student works on Digital Marketing, traffic, leads sales campaign management and the student's primary task is to generate traffic leads and sales of an edtech product.

  • Step 4: Internship

    During internship the student will be working on real time sales of EduTech products by connecting with the end users giving them information about the products, emailing them, follow-up over whatsApp, phone call video call till the closure, based on the performance of the student the student will be evaluated for a full-time job where the salaries can be decided based on the internship performance.

  • Step 5: Placements

    Post successful completion of all the above 4 steps, the students will be given the opportunity to work for top EduTech brands. Once they have gained satisfactory results as set by the startup they can get salaries upto ₹7-8 Lacs per annum based on performance evaluation on financial, lead generation and leads closure, sales results based on the requirement set by the startup..

  • Program Terms:

    Guarantee terms*: For example, if the student achieves the results then IIEC takes responsibility to provide them a job based on the salary slab agreed between IIEC and EduTech Startup. For instance IIEC's incubated EduTech startup in the clothing, fashion, jewelry, tourism niche, EduTech brand is willing to hire a student who has generated x number of rganic traffic, leads and sales in a given timeframe. Here the value x is subjective and the expectations by the startup is set up based on the historical data and analytics that digital marketers can achieve organically for an EduTech campaign based on the current industry trends.

    In certain conditions if a student is unable to achieve results even after completion of the 11 month program in that case IIEC will not be able to give a job gurantee because the student has not performed dusring the program. By joining the IIEC's program under the 100% Job-Guarantee* the student agrees that just by joining IIEC’s PGP in Sales & Marketing program the student will not be hired for a full-time job since it purely depends on student’s performance, knowledge, skills and efforts.

    Please note**: If the student is not able to become job-ready even at the minimum salary then IIEC will refund the whole payment to the student without any question while the student will have the rights to retails IIEC's certifications.

  • 1:1 Support

    To make the program more interactive every student get one on one attention from an online support trainer who evaluate the students performance and guide them with ideas in order to make them successful however the students own skills and performance plays an important role in their success.

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    Step 1: Certifications

    Best-in-class content by leading faculty and industry leaders in the form of videos, cases and projects, assignments and live sessions
    • Certified Sales Professionals
      • 5-6 Hours
      • 1 Assignments
      Chapter 1: The case of prospecting.
      Chapter 2: Seven mindsets of fanatical prospectors.
      Chapter 3: To cold call or not to cold call?
      Chapter 4: Adopt a balanced prospecting methodology.
      Chapter 5: The more you prospect, the luckier you get
      Chapter 6: Know your numbers: Managing your ratios
      Chapter 7: The three P's that are Holding you back
      Chapter 8: Time: the great equalizer of sales
      Chapter 9: The four objectives of Prospecting
      Chapter 10: Leveraging the prospecting pyramid
      Chapter 11: Own your database: why the CRM is your most important sales tool
      Chapter 12: The Law of Familiarity
      Chapter 13: Social selling
      Chapter 14: Message matters
      Chapter 15: Telephone prospecting excellence
      Chapter 16: Turning arround RBOs: reflex responses, brush-offs, and objections
      Chapter 17: The secret lives of gatekeepers
      Chapter 18: In-person prospecting
      Chapter 19: E-mail prospecting
      Chapter 20: Text messaging
      Chapter 21: Developing mental toughness
      Chapter 22: Eleven words that changed my life
      Chapter 23: The only question that really matters
    • 2: Digital Marketing Professional
      • 5-6 Hours
      • 1 Assignments
      Learning Objective: Practically understand Digital Marketing & Sales Strategies, learn to focus on every step of your customer, thinking like a CEO, Story Telling, Digital Marketing & Sales Tools.
      Fundamentals of Digital Marketing & Sales
      Understanding Customer Persona
      Developing Digital Marketing & Sales Framework
      Digital Brand Awareness
      Digital Marketing & Sales Tools used in E-Commerce
      Keeping Your Company in E-Commerce Trend
    • 3: Marketing Automation Expert
      • 5-6 Hours
      • 1 Assignment
      Learning Objective: Learn how marketing automation transforms email marketing to support multichannel marketing campaigns and increase lead generation and conversion.
      Automation Bots for your E-Commerce Marketing Strategy
      Automating Interaction with your Website Visitors
      Automating Marketing Research
      Automating Lead Nurturing
      User Experience Automation
      Automating Social Media Messaging
      Automating Team Management
      Automating Sales of your Products
    • 4: Growth Hacking Expert
      • 5-6 Hours
      • 1 Assignment
      Learning Objective: Learn what strategies make Uber, Airbnb and top e-commerce startups an billion dollar business. Learn the marketing hacks and growth secrets today.
      Introduction to Growth Hacking
      Understanding the profile of a growth hacker
      The Growth Hacking Process
      The Growth Hacker Funnel
      Push & Pull Tactics in Growth Hacking
      Product Tactics for Getting Visitors
      How to Retain Users
      Tools & Terminology in Growth Hacking
    • 5: SEO Strategy Professional
      • 5-6 Hours
      • 1 Assignment
      Learning Objective: Get the best-in class hands-on practice on all the industry-related SEO tools and applications to get Product Pages to Rank #1 on Google, Learn SEO that works for E-Commerce Stores.
      Introduction to Search Engine Optimization
      On-page & Off-page SEO
      Blackhat SEO Vs White Hat SEO
      Keyword Research & Link Building
      How Google Ranks Content
      Indexation & Accessibility
      Site Speed & Performance
      SEO Tools
    • 6: Social Media Professional
      • 5-6 Hours
      • 1 Assignment
      Learning Objective: Understand the basics of Youtube, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram and blogging.Use social media not just for marketing, but for customer services & PR.
      Introduction to Social Media
      Social Media Best Practices
      Social Media Metrics & ROI
      Finding the Right Social Media Network
      Facebook & Twitter Marketing
      Google + & Linkedin Marketing
      Youtube & Pinterest Marketing
      E-Commerce Idea Validation & Brand Positioning
    • 7: Content Development Expert
      • 5-6 Hours
      • 1 Assignment
      Learning Objective: Learn to develop over 42 different types of Audio, Visual & Text contents that can help your products to get sold online. Get Tools & Software to Practice content development.
      Introduction to Content Development
      Content Development in Pinterest
      Content Development in Linkedin
      Content Development in Twitter
      Content Development in Facebook
      Creating Customer Targeted Content Development
      Creating Inbound Public Reations Content
    • 8: Content Marketing Professional
      • 5-6 Hours
      • 1 Assignment
      Learning Objective: Learn the top Web content development by researching, writing, gathering, organizing, and editing information for publication on websites.
      Creating Compelling Marketing Content
      Creating an Effective Content Marketing Strategy
      Creating Appropriate Content Guidelines
      Identifying Promotional Opportunities
      Content for Different Audience Segment
      Promoting Content Through Different Channels
      Finding Industry Influencers
    • 9: Affiliate Marketing Professional
      • 5-6 Hours
      • 1 Assignment
      Learning Objective: Learn how creating affiliates around you can provide a steady stream of income for your E-Commerce store. Learn different of CPA, CPC, CPM & CPV campaigns for an effective affiliate marketing.
      Introduction to Affiliate Marketing
      Affiliate Marketing Strategies
      Affiliate Marketing Paradigmss
      Effective Promotional Strategies
      Analyse E-Commerce Market Opportunity
      Choosing the Best Affiliate Niche
      Pros & Cons of Major Affiiiate Sites
      Affiliate Marketing Resources
    • 10: Examination: PGP
      • 120 Minutes
      • 100 MCQ
    • 11
      Months Program
    • 1
      PGP Certification
    • 24
      Lacs Highest Salary
    • 7-8
      Lacs Average Salary
    • 3
      Lacs Minimum Salary

    Step 2: Assignments

    Learn through real-life industry projects sponsored by top EduTech brands across industries

    • Engage in collaborative projects with student-mentor interaction
    • Benefit by learning in person with Expert Mentors
    • Get personalised subjective feedback on your submissions to facilitate improvement

    Step 2: Practical Projects

    Topics Covered

    Objective: Lead Generation
    • 4 Weeks
    • 4 Assignments
    Q&A Sites
    Week 2: Email Campaign
    Week 3: Direct Marketing Campaign
    Week 4: Live Webinar Campaign
    Tools Covered

    Performance Matrics

    Learn to practically generate a minimum of hundred new users traffic from atleast 50+ internet channels per day
    Learn More

    Topics Covered

    Objective: Lead Nurturing
    • 4 Weeks
    • 4 Assignments
    Week 5: Social Media Engagement Campaign
    Week 6: Post/Blog Commenting
    Week 7: Review Platforms
    Week 8: Directory Submission
    Tools Covered

    Performance Matrics

    Learn to practically generate minimum of 100 leads per day from various internet traffic sources.
    Learn More

    Topics Covered

    Objective: Lead Closure
    • 4 Weeks
    • 4 Assignments
    Week 9: Contest Campaign
    Week 10: Referral Sales Campaign
    Week 11: Growth Hacking Campaign
    Week 12: Video Marketing Campaign
    Tools Covered

    Performance Matrics

    Learn to practically convert at least 10 users on the given price band per day.
    Learn More
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      Step 4: Internship

      Practically build and grow an EduTech business and manage the day to day operations, optimize the sales by generating targeted traffic, leads and do closures for the EduTech brand

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        Step 5: Online Exam

        Complete the PGP in Sales & Marketing program successfully to obtain the India's most respectful certification and skills with Indian Institute of E-Commerce.

        • Get PGP in Sales & Marketing Certification
        • Join the EduTech revolution
        • Be eligible for grow upto CXO for an EduTech startup
        PGP Certificate - IIEC
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        Step 6: Placements

        Hiring partners
        LPA Highest Salary
        Job Levels
        Months Program
        Course Completion
        Includes 11 months of performance based theory and practical program
        Milestone Achievement
        Learn and achieve results for traffic, leads and sales.
        Based on your milestone achievement get salaries Upto ₹24 lacs
        Job Promotion
        7 levels of Job from "EduTech Sales Executive" to "EduTech CEO".

        Enroll Online

        Last Date Admission Status Batch Timings
        Closed Practical Work 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM IST
        Feb 10th Closing Soon Practical Work 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM IST

        Note: students are requested to do tasks (lead generation, lead nurturing, lead closure) for EduTech products as given in the program in order to become job-ready.

        Course Price at

        ₹1,50,000 plus GST

        Admissions Closed

        The IIEC - Advantage

        Strong hand-holding with dedicated support for 11 months and master your Sales skills

        Industry Mentors
        • Receive unparalleled guidance from industry mentors, teaching assistants and graders
        • Receive one-on-one feedback on submissions and personalised feedback on improvement
        Student Success Mentors
        • A dedicated Success Mentors is allocated to each student so as to ensure consistent progress
        • Success Mentors are your single points of contact for all your non-academic queries
        Full-Time Remote Job
        • Interact with Indian Institute of E-Commerce Live Mentors and understand the EduTech startup environment
        Selling Practice
        • Practically work on various digital sales activities and give results to the EduTech startups in a simulated environment
        Earn Stipend
        • Earn upto ₹10,000** per month during the internship program while you work on practical digital sales activities
        11 months Milestone Plan
        • First 1 month is for learning, next 1 month is for assignments, next 3 months are for practical projects, next 6 months for internship where you perform for the digital sales activites for the client EduTech startups and achieve results in order to become job ready
        Perform with targets
        • From client to client once you join the program the targets will be given to you, some clients may ask for lead generation online, some clients may ask for direct conversion of customers using traffic generation and various other activities. Once you are able to achieve those results based on the clients hiring criteria you will be able to fit yourself in salaries Upto ₹7-8 LPA based on your performance during these 11 months
        Earn Salary
        • This will be 1-year contract post successful completion of the 11 months PGP in Sales & Marketing and the work will be remotely done from your location as the clients, EduTech startups are located internationally

        Our Students Work at


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          Student Reviews


          The Mentor knows the field really well.Thank you for guiding each topic with a live examples.

          The easiest way to learn about ecommerce website design.

          I leave this rating because this course has applied approach and knowledge.

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            PGP in Sales & Marketing

            Programme suitable for working professinals, job-seekers, entrepreneurs and everyone who want to join e-commerce industry.

            100% Practical
            All-In-One MBA Level Programme

            in EduTech

            February Offer
            Full Price

            100% Practical Training

          • 1 Year Masters Programme (Online Live Practical)
          • 17+ Certificates Bundle Included (₹170000)

            01. Fundamentals of E-commerce (₹10000)

            02. Certified E-Commerce Web Developer (₹10000)

            03. Certified E-Com. Operations Manager (₹10000)

            04. Certified E-Commerce Law Professional (₹10000)

            05. Certified Dropshipping Expert (₹10000)

            06. E-Commerce & Global Trade Professional (₹10000)

            07. Certified E-Commerce Security Manager (₹10000)

            08. Certified Retail E-Commerce Executive (₹10000)

            09. GST for E-Commerce (₹10000)

            10. Certified Digital Marketing Professional (₹10000)

            11. Certified Marketing Automation Expert (₹10000)

            12. Certified Growth Hacking Expert (₹10000)

            13. Certified SEO Strategy Professional (₹10000)

            14. Certified Social Media Professional (₹10000)

            15. Certified Content Development Expert (₹10000)

            16. Certified Content Marketing Professional (₹10000)

            17. Certified Affiliate Marketing Professional (₹10000)

          • Real-time case based assignments (₹5000 x 17 = ₹102000)
          • 3 months internship
          • Amazon Paid Projects (Earn upto ₹75,000 on Amazon)
          • 100% Practical edutech store development, management and marketing
          • WhatsApp group access
          • Instructor-Led live classes (complementary) (₹7500/session x ∞)
          • Digital Marketing
          • Free digital marketing tools & software access (₹10000 +)
          • Career advice (₹10000 +)
          • 1:1 online Mentorship (₹25000)
          • Job Board Access
          • Lifetime access, updates (invaluable)
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