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Indian Institute of eCommerce ?

At Indian Institute of eCommerce you Don't Just Get Certificates, you get Practical Skills which are in Demand, Which Repay you. With our Certification you Grow your business Digitally. Our online courses will guide you through everything from fundamentals of Online Business to Getting Sales, Online Global Marketing, Simplified Logistics, new tools and techniques to become successful in eCommerce Business.

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Certification Structure

Globally Accredited Institute.

Corporate & Government Backed Certification Programs.

Highly Valuable Program with Up-to-Date Practical Training integrated as a single course.

The Indian Institute of eCommerce Certification structure gives you the exact program structure to help you become a certified professional in the given structure such as Video Lectures, Reading Materials, Assignments, Live Projects etc. A structure also give you clear course management. Our Partner Universities, colleges, training companies and employers are in over 100+ countries now implement certifications from the Indian Institute of eCommerce’s Certification structure.

1. Objectives of this Structure

  • Acts as a reference Course for Digita Business ( eCommerce, Marketing, Digital Sales ) for curriculum development that leads to a Indian Institute of eCommerce professional certification
  • Supports Digital industry education which provide certifications to individuals so they move easily between different industry in the age of Digital Businesses and eCommerce.
  • Defines a clear progress route for professionals.
  • Supports and Enhances the recognition & value of Indian Institute of eCommerce certifications in industry.
  • Help us with Aligning our course with international Certification Structure.

2. Governance:

The Tata Consultancy Services ( TCS iON )  A Digital Education Arm of TATA Group validates all Indian Institute of eCommerce certification standards, syllabus, curriculum and assessment tools. By providing expert review and recommendations on a regular basis, the Council ensures that Indian Institute of eCommerce Certified Professionals have learned the most up to date digital skills, core competencies and knowledge needed to thrive in their digital careers.

The TATA CONSULTANCY SERVICES role is to provide:

  • Industry validation of the certifications through an iterative review process
  • Industry policy advice on professional certifications
  • maintain, monitor and promote the Indian Institute of eCommerce Certification structure
  • support the stakeholders and users of the structure - students, professionals, educator and employers
  • TATA CONSULTANCY SERVICES includes an independent chair and members from the digital industry, educators, employers and recruitment specialists, and policy makers.

What to Expect

3. Learn From Experience

2. How it Works ?

4. Apply Your Knowledge

We have over 100's of courses. Signup for the course which is best for you. Watch Videos, Answer Quiz & Get Certified. Once Certified Contact Us for Career Support.

Watch Experts Videos, Live Do Internships Practical Assignments, Work with us & our client gain hands-on practical experience working on field & Online.

Test your Learnings by practically applying your Digital Marketing & Online Skills in real time clients project or any online business and grow your confidence level.

1. Who is it for ?

For Business Owners, Learn the Digital Business Skills to Understand the complete online business Strategy to grow cursors & sales.

Enrol in the Certification Course Fees and you will get access to your course dashboard.

Interactive Learning Process

Signup and Enroll in our Course

Complete all Video Lectures & Online Quiz

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Growth More then I Expected !

IIEC Partners

Organic Food Organic Online Sales!

Anruth, Founder , FlipFresh

FlipFresh is a Farm to Online Organic food store run by Amruth Kumar out of his home office.

being a Certified eCommerce Professional from Indian Institute of eCommerce Amruth says that in a short span of time, he has managed to increase his loyal customers by 100%.

Indian Institute of eCommerce has helped Rajbir reach Sikh Community as new customers across the world, leading to 100% bookings online.

In fact, her online marketing initiatives have been so successful that she had to double the number of employees in her eCommerce Startup in the 2nd Month Itself.

Rajbir Bhamrah, Founder BaazKart

Join our Mentorship Sessions and learn new tips and tricks on online marketing and online business for lifetime. Keep Exploring more ways with us. We’ve partnered with the Colleges, Universities & Training Institutes to offer a certification for those who finish our complete course content. Our content covers the basics and beyond, to help you build a great foundation of Digital Business skills to grow your business.

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