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About IIEC

IIEC E-Business Expert is IIEC India's alternate channel to provide high bar, high touch experience for our sellers.

Under IIEC EDE we plan to identify, train and unleash individuals or agencies who can help seller across the entire spectrum of activities ranging from generating awareness, signing them for our services, onboarding the sellers and account management.

IIEC EDE program will be a marketplace of service providers who can help sellers get services at prices and time-to-market that sellers find attractive.

As an IIEC EDE you can:

  • Be an Entrepreneur and start your own freelance business
  • Earn money by helping sellers to run their IIEC business
  • Get Trained by IIEC
  • Have IIEC branding on your professional profile
  • Showcase your services to sellers on IIEC


  • Is an IIEC trained professional who can help sellers on IIEC
  • Provide services on need basis; available on flexible timings
  • Can assist you and save time & effort
  • Can help with emails, reports & excel

»An IIEC EDE gets:

  • Paid for only those services which you utilize
  • Paid on hourly or weekly or monthly basis as you want

How does IIEC EDE work?

  • Anyone with a passion for ecommerce and entrepreneurship can apply
  • Once you submit your application, IIEC will provide you with the training courses
  • Specially crafted 3 hour training module to help you learn “How to manage seller business on IIEC” from wherever you are
  • IIEC provides you an interactive platform where you can get your questions answered and seek any additional inputs. You can sign up for such a session from wherever you are
  • Pass the IIEC IIEC EDE Test on the “Mange My Business” Module
  • Your business listing will be shown to IIEC sellers
  • You can upgrade from a Specialist to a Master by learning advanced training modules

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

Q1. Is IIEC EDE working for IIEC?

Ans. No. IIEC EDE is an independent consultant offering his services to businesses on iiec.edu.in. IIEC EDE is Trained by IIEC so that seller can be assured of high quality services.

Q2. Is pricing are the fees is decided by IIEC?

Ans. No. Pricing has to be mutually agreed between seller and IIEC EDE.

Q3. What is the payment schedule? Does seller need to sign a contract with IIEC EDE?

Ans. Payment terms are mutually agreed between you and me. You can visit site to get simple contracts that you can use for your business. The terms of my services are enclosed for your perusal.

Q4. What are IIEC EDE work timings?

Ans. Flexible Timings

Q5. What information does Seller need to share with IIEC EDE?

Ans. Seller can create user roles on your seller central account to provide access to IIEC EDE. Apart from that, seller can also assign offline work which can be done remotely or without accessing seller account.

Q6. How soon can IIEC EDE start these services for sellers?

Ans. SEller can tell the kind of service he needs. Once they agree on the same A can start with it. IIEC EDE - Seller can discuss the fees, and timings and get the service started as per your availability & requirements.

Q7. How can IIEC help increase seller sales?

Ans. Increasing sales depends on various factors and my services is one of the factor. What IIEC EDE can assure you is that I will follow standard set of guidelines recommended by IIEC. This may improve your seller ratings and increase the probability of growth on IIEC platform.

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